Sunday, 27 December 2015

Goodbye 2015!

  Dress - Topshop
Ankle Boots - Asos
Ring - Alexander McQueen

 I'm not going to be ambitious enough to say I'll write another post before the end of the year (only four days away, and I've got two essays sitting like monkeys on my back), so here's to 2015. It's been a hell of a year with plenty of ups and downs - God, aren't I a cliche?! But it's true. As a quick round-up I've started my second year at uni (my grades actually count now - que horror!), spent a summer at the Conde Nast College and met some amazing people with whom I went on to set up The World Wide Wardrobe (main credits to Abi though!), travelled a little, drank a lot of coffee, said goodbye to both my granny and my cat after practically a lifetime with both, got back into art (I'm no artist though!), and am now eagerly awaiting 2016. 2016, I think, will be an amazing year - I'm off on a quick holiday in January, then it's all hands on deck to survive my second semester and exams (eek!), before flying off for my year abroad... I think this quote from Tumblr best describes my attitude to next year:

"2016 will be a selfish year. My time will be invested on me. On improving myself. I want to become a better person physically and mentally."

Anyway, enough sentimental musing - I actually got pretty excited to get this outfit on for Christmas! Winter, and especially the very end of the year, doesn't have many saving graces for me. One is faux fur, and another is that around Christmas you can wear literally as much glitter as you like and get away with it by calling it festive! I'd never get away with this dress at 1pm on any other day.. But I love it. Topshop once again struck gold (or silver as the case may be) with this sparkly leopard print body con dress. Not only was leopard the print of AW15, and I'm not letting go of it yet, but the dress achieved the impossible and actually gave me some real curves - yes, that's the best my petite frame is going to give! I'll admit I've shied away from body con in recent years, preferring something a little looser and more fit-and-flare, but the high neck keeps this classy and I honestly just fell in love with it. If I go anywhere for NYE the chances are I'll be busting it out again. I kept my shoes quite casual, opting for the same ankle boots I've been wearing throughout autumn and winter because, despite the sparkle-fest that is my dress, Christmas chez Kergon is fairly casual and honestly I couldn't be doing with high heels! I'm severely out of practice with them.. I also used a few of my presents to complete the outfit - an Alexander McQueen ring, and my new Naked Smoky palette to create a blue-toned smokey eye! Hop on over to my instagram @babydolltara to see a few more of my presents.. For now, and for 2015, I'll just leave you with a few snaps from the last few days..

 Tara India xo

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