Saturday, 31 October 2015

Sweater Weather.

 Jacket, Jumper & Bag - Topshop
Skirt - Vintage
Boots - Asos
Necklace & Ring - Swarovski

Clearly I still can't resist the allure of Topshop (I was drawn like a moth to a flame only this morning) so it's no surprise it has given me my newest favourite jumper.. this gorgeous piece of knitted goodness comes in several other colours, but I fell for the stripes. They're classic, chic, and perennially stylish, so I anticipate wearing this jumper until it's so warm I'm melting out of it! And I can even pretend that it was a practical purchase, since the rollneck keeps away the bitter Birmingham wind - seriously, I've broken at least 2 umbrellas, and it starts to feel like a free facelift if you walk into it.. For this first wearing I've paired it with my pink vintage skirt to keep it light, and layered up with tights, ankle boots, and my biker jacket - I fall back on black accessories in autumn, which is another reason why I love pastel clothes right now!

This is just a quick post because I'm taking a break from essays and grammar, and I feel bad for how sporadically I've been posting.. This leads me onto a quick piece of advice for anyone currently being swallowed up by university (seriously, about now the essays hit and you've got your extracurriculars sorted, so there's never enough time in the day) - remember to take breaks! Even if it seems like you've got so much work you'll never get through it, and that there's not enough time, make sure you take a few well-placed pauses. Your brain will only become exhausted if you overwork it, and then nothing you produce will be your best work. So take a few breaks. If you've been stuck inside all day, go for a walk or go to the shop; if you've been writing take a break and have a drink or a snack or just watch tv; and if you feel like all your time is going on academia try to keep your hobbies up, be it sport or art or music. Towards the end of the term I might post some study tips, as I feel I'm really getting the hang of it! And stay tuned for my autumn favourites....

Tara India xo

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